Do I need to pay to join the program?

No – it is free to join Magic Betting Partners.

What commercial deals are available?

We offer revenue share commission, cost per acquisition (CPA) and hybrid deals.

How is my payment calculated?

Revenue share is calculated based on a pre-agreed % of the player’s value after taxes and expenses. CPA is a fixed payment to the affiliate after a player makes a deposit to the agreed minimum amount. Hybrid is a mixture of both revenue share and CPA.

What commercial deals are available to affiliates?

Revenue share, CPA and hybrid deals are calculated based on competitive commercial rates in Belgium. We are interested in long-term partnerships and a profitable relationship, so let’s talk and agree terms that work for both parties. Please get in touch.

Are your commercial deals negotiable?

Yes – if you have quality media and volumes then we can negotiate increased payments.

How does the tracking work?

We use a system provided by Income Access, who are a leading affiliate tracking software company based in Canada. Affiliates receive a login and then obtain tracking URL’s and banner graphics. Players are then tracked using cookies and the Income Access software provides data such as clicks, registrations and deposits for affiliates to view 24/7.

When will I get paid?

We process payments for affiliates each calendar month. Reports are generated on 1st for the previous month and payments are sent within 14 days.

What is the minimum to be paid out?

Commission payments are made once €250 is accrued to the affiliate. This is to keep bank transfer costs to a minimum.

Can I have a call with the Magic Betting Partners team?

Sure – send us an email at affiliates@magicbetting.be and we’ll get in touch.