Cookie Policy

  1. General Provisions
Betting Service BV, having its registered office at Stapkens 4, 2200 Herentals, registered in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under the company number BE0407.826.701 hereinafter “Betting Service” or also (“We” or “us”), attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. This website make use of cookies to guarantee the proper functioning and functionality of the website and mobile applications, and to collect information concerning your use of these.

This Cookie Policy is part of the Betting Service Privacy Policy.

2.1. Cookies are tiny text files that can be saved on your computer or other device that can be used to access the internet (e.g. a tablet or smartphone) when you visit a website. Information such as your language preferences, which can be recognised during a subsequent visit to the website, is stored in these text files. The next time you visit the website, this cookie will once again be sent to the website. As a result, the website will be able to recognise your browser.

We distinguish between “first-party cookies” and “third-party cookies”:

– First-party cookies are installed on your computer, smartphone or mobile device by our website when you visit our website. For the sake of clarity: this is the website that you see in the URL field of the screen.

– Third-party cookies are installed on your computer by a domain other than the one currently visited by the user. If you, as the user of a website, visit a website and a third party has installed cookies on your computer, these cookies are referred to as third-party cookies.

2.2. What about other technologies, such as web beacons?

Other technologies, such as web beacons (also called pixel tags or clear GIFs), tracking URLs or software development kits (SDKs) are used for similar purposes. Web beacons are tiny graphic files that contain a unique identifier that enables us to ascertain when someone has visited our service or opened an email that was sent by us. Tracking URLs are customised links that help us understand from where the visitors to our web pages were redirected. SDKs are tiny fragments of code in apps that act as cookies or web beacons.

For the sake of simplicity, we also refer to these technologies as “cookies” in this cookie policy.

This Cookie Policy describes which cookies are used and the reason for using them and how you can adjust your cookie settings. Please remember that deactivating cookies will affect the functionality of the website.
  1. For which purposes do we use cookies?
We use cookies for the following purposes:
  • For the operation of our online services; some cookies support the functionality of the website
  • To improve the quality of our online services and adapt them to user requirements
  • To enhance the security of the system
  • To assess the use of our websites (statistical purposes)
  • To offer better and more personalised services and ensure that advertisements are geared towards the interests of the users
  1. Which cookies do we use?
The following types of cookies are used on this website:

4.1 Necessary functional cookies
Necessary functional cookies are used to facilitate the proper use of our online services. We use these cookies in order to guarantee the following benefits:

– To remember information that you enter or indicate on the various pages of the website, thus precluding any need to repeatedly enter the same details or select the same preferences

– To read your browser settings in order to display our website optimally on your screen

– To ensure a uniform load on our website so that its accessibility will not be impeded

If you disable cookies, certain parts of the website and applications may not function optimally. We are not under any obligation to obtain your consent prior to the use of cookies that are strictly necessary.

4.2 Analytical cookies

Analytical or performance cookies assess the operation of the website and mobile apps with a view to improving the user experience. These cookies allow us to recognise the visitors of our website and applications, to count the number of visitors and to determine how they navigate. This helps us improve visitor navigation and ensure that visitors will be able to find what they are looking for more easily.

4.3 Performance cookies

We use performance cookies to collect information about how visitors use our website and applications. They help us understand how visitors interact with our website and applications and why certain error messages occur and enable us to test new functions. We use this information to make it more convenient for our users to use our website and applications.

4.4 Tracking and advertising cookies

Advertising cookies contain information about the surfing behaviour of the visitors with a view to showing them personalised advertisements that correspond to their interests.
  1. How long are cookies retained?
We make a distinction between temporary and permanent cookies, based on the lifetime of cookies.
Temporary cookies are stored in our browser or mobile or other application only temporarily. This means that the cookies are removed as soon as you have closed your browser or the mobile or other application.
Permanent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device, even after closing your browser or the mobile or other application. Thanks to permanent cookies, we can recognise you when you visit our website or the mobile or other application again. Permanent cookies remain on your device until a pre-set expiration date has been reached, a new cookie is installed, or you delete the cookie by changing the settings in your browser, mobile device, or mobile or other application.
  1. Link to other websites and Social Media
Our website can also contain a link that refers to other websites that are not hosted by us. If you visit this website and/or Social Media platform, we recommend carefully reading the privacy and cookie policies of these third parties. We can never be held liable for their policies or actions.
  1. How can I manage and disable cookies?
Browser settings: Cookies can be disabled or adjusted by adjusting your browser settings. Please take into consideration that restrictions with regard to cookies can impact the proper operation of our website and mobile applications. The following website contains instructions for disabling cookies in the most commonly used browsers:
  1. Amendment and agreement with the Cookie Policy
We are entitled to amend our Cookie Policy at any time with immediate effect in order to remain in compliance with applicable regulations or changed practices within the limits of the applicable regulations. The most recent version of the Cookie Policy is always posted on our website. It is therefore recommended to regularly consult this Cookie Policy on the website.
  1. Contact and questions
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Cookie Policy:

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